East Midland Championships 2018


East Midland qualifying times and schedules for 2018 are now available here.

  Gala weekend 1   14/15th April at Sheffield  -- Closing date 28th March 2018
  Gala weekend 2   28/29th April at Corby      -- Closing date 11th April 2018                                                                            
Gala weekend 3   7th May        at Sheffield  -- Closing date 18th April 2018


I have listed below some FAQs – if there is anything not covered please ask – thank you.

Age is at 31st December 2018

Qualifying Times
Need to be achieved at a level 1, 2 or 3 meet (club licensed galas cannot be used for Regional qualification only County) between 1stSeptember 2017 and the closing date


Times can be checked here: https://swimmingresults.org/individualbest/

Conversion times
The qualifying times are based on short course swims, long course swims can be used as qualifying times, there are a number of way conversions can be done so the final time can fluctuate the best conversion tool to use is: http://www.sportsys.co.uk/  > swim time converter, this time isn’t guaranteed until the entry file is released.

I have swum 32.97 and the qualification time is 32.9, can I enter?
Yes 32.9 as an example means swims from 32.99 and faster qualify.