Joining the club

If you enjoy swimming, and are interested in competing or improving fitness then Loughborough Town Swimming Club is the place for you

We cater for swimmers from age around 7 years old through to Seniors and Masters from 18 to 50 years plus. 

Swimmers who have reached a suitable standard can attend 3 free trial training sessions.  These enable the club to further assess the swimmers ability to help us identify what training sessions best fit their ability and also to give them an opportunity to decide if they want to join the club.

To arrange a trial or find out more about training opportunities please email  and leave your contact details along with the swimmers full name and date of birth. If you are currently competing, have competed in the past or are involved in triathalon please leave brief details of your swimming background and what you are looking for whether it be competition or fitness. 
We aim to reply to all trial requests within 7 days.
For further information on joining our Masters squad please contact

Annual  membership fees

Details of our annual membership fees can be found in the Membership Guide and Membership Form

Monthly training fees 

For a minimum of two training sessions per week including training at the 50m pool at Loughborough University (subject to Head Coach approval) monthly fees per swimmer are dependent on the amount of sessions they attend.

Fees which are subject to ongoing review are payable monthly by standing order. Fees may be suspended in event of long term injury or illness by agreement (greater than 4 weeks). 

It is the responsibility of the payee to cancel the standing order in event of leaving the club.

 Paying for Events

You can pay for most club events / activities online, please see guide here